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Trajectory: Ecosystems, A New Partner Imperative

Partner ecosystems are quickly defining the ways that organizations go to market and co-innovate, collaborate across industries, and ultimately future-proof for growth.

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You’ve heard about it. It’s a top trending topic. And it’s steadily gaining momentum. Yes, we’re talking partner ecosystems. To get a pulse on the major forces driving one of the biggest movements to hit the partner community in decades, partnering thought leader Kristine Stewart reached out to a few of the top experts in the space.

Get the trajectory to learn what ecosystems insiders have to say about:

  • The partnership paradigm shift and the new partner ecosystem model
  • The emergence of a new partner technology framework
  • New approaches to partner metrics and incentive structures for ecosystems
  • What critical considerations you should be looking at for your next steps

Contributors include:

Jared Fuller (Chief Ecosystem Officer, PartnerHacker)
Allan Adler (Senior Partner, Digital Bridge Partners)
Jay McBain (Principal Analyst, Canalys)
Chris Samila (VP of Partnerships, Crossbeam)
Cassandra Gholston (CEO, Partnertap)